Using Racing Car Finance to own your own racing cars

When people think about owning a racing car typically think of rich bachelors with Ferraris but a lot of money to spend this can be further from the truth though. These days just about anyone can afford a racing car, especially with racing car finance deals is being so competitive at the moment. First of all, it is important to understand what I mean when I say race car, these days most major commercial tracks have open days will allow people to bring their very own racing cars and get a track day experience.

There are a few requirements that these cars have to meet in order to be eligible to race on the track. Usually certain kinds of tires are required in order not to damage the track as well as to provide the race with the stability that is required to go at high speed around the track. Added to this, several types of in car safety devices are required such as a fire extinguisher in case the worst should happen and someone’s car should overheat, which is a pretty common occurrence.

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Using Racing car finance to kit out your very of race car

What I’ve seen people commonly doing with their racing car finance is keeping an old second-hand car, and then using additional finance to agreed it so that it is track eligible. People can actually end up with making money with their racing vehicles to, If a person is good enough they can enter competitions where a cash prize is often on offer. Just about any type of vehicle can become a race car providing it meets some of the criteria mentioned above, although people tend to prefer fast cars your car can simply be ordinary, as much as it is a cliche most of the fund for car enthusiasts is actually taking part in the race scenario.

It is recommended however, that you have the finance available to be able to repair and maintain your racing car, otherwise you can find yourself with a pretty useless vehicle on your hands.

Specialist car financing is easier than you would think I learned

Recently I decided to finance my very own racing car, I bought and old 15 year old BMW which needed a few modifications in order to work. I didn’t have the cash at hand at the time so instead I opted to apply for specialist car financing. Now not all car companies will fund or finance a specialist car so I had to do a fair bit of shopping around in order to find a suitable company.

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I decided to upgrade the actual safety inside my car firstly, although it is not a strict requirement in order to raise on a track, I wanted to install it roll cage which would help protect the inside of the car from an accidental rollover which can sometimes happen. Although a roll cage is not an essential piece of kit, it can really go a long way protecting you and any passengers that you may have on board when your racing on a track.

What I used my specialist car financing for

Most of my specialist car financing was used on safety equipment, I only had to use a small part of my finance for this because I had the cash available to pay up front for some of the engine modifications that I carried out. My car financing was a pretty clever option because I can now wait until any money I make from winning any races to come in before I have a large sum of money going out.

For those who know the inner workings of car engines, you may be wondering what modifications I carried out in order to make my racing car faster? Well I managed to get a specialist company to Carry out what is known as ‘port grinding’ which basically means that the airflow into the engine is made a lot smoother and therefore the horse power is further boosted.